We’re not here for the numbers – we’re here for the people.

Find out more about our ethos and experience

We started in 2012 with one goal: to transform technology recruitment and search. We put that in motion by creating a company that genuinely values people and understands their needs and those of their businesses. This ethos applies equally whether you’re looking to expand your technology division, or are yourself seeking a new challenge.

With a wealth of technology search experience, we know what it takes to be an efficient and effective supplier of world-class technologists. How? Because we partner with you. We are passionate about adding value to businesses and finding candidates the right roles.

Techfellow never has been, nor ever will be, driven by numbers and volume. We understand your business, your technology stack and your use cases, and we apply that knowledge to connect the highest quality candidates with firms of the highest integrity. That’s what sets us apart: always resolved to do the right thing by everyone, treating you as you deserve and expect.

These are the values we live by - so much so that if our clients and candidates don’t share our goals, we don’t work with them. We maintain a high bar on both sides.

The story behind Techfellow

Just like many other modern technology firms, Techfellow began with just one goal, limited resources, and a makeshift office.

Co-founders Paul and Jeff already had strong reputations in the recruitment industry. In 1993, Paul co-founded Genesis Computer Resources, cultivating skills across development and infrastructure, especially in application of solutions in financial services. Jeff built and for 12 years directed the infrastructure business at Aston Carter, developing a broad market knowledge and an unrivalled ability to build great relationships.

Our co-founders had known each other for many years before putting their heads together to start a business. As they made their way in the tech recruitment world, Paul and Jeff drew closer as they realised that they shared the same values; they were particularly dissatisfied with how the industry approached both finding business and placing people into roles. Paul and Jeff prided themselves on delivering quality, not quantity. They shared the same passions for genuinely caring about people’s businesses and their personal futures – a quality they found hard to find in others.

So, in 2012, Paul and Jeff created Techfellow to turn that pride and passion into a market-leading technology search firm, and we stand by their original values to this day. We believe it’s what sets us apart from everyone else.

How we have grown and continue to do so

As we’ve grown, we’ve leveraged our skills and market knowledge to achieve a high performance across infrastructure and security search. Our teams are made of people from all walks of life, with backgrounds in sales, IT operations, law and journalism. The one thing we all have in common? A passion for technology. If we’re not talking about work in the office, you’ll catch us discussing the potentials for Blockchain and cryptocurrency; researching new mobile-only banks and payment solutions; and trying out the latest home gadgets – anything we stumble upon, we’re bound to have a good chat about, and speculate on the future.

Technology is an integral part of our lives, and we genuinely understand how that’s the same for those we work with. We take a lot of pride in bringing the right people together, appreciating how life-changing these opportunities can be, and advising on those decisions accordingly. We maintain a high bar, for you our clients, our candidates, and for us. Working with Techfellow means you are valued and looked after.

We’re not a search agency - we’re your partner, by your side for every step of the journey.