We’re not here for the numbers – we’re here for the people

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We started in 2012 with one goal: to transform technology recruitment and search. We put that in motion by creating a company that genuinely values people and understands their needs and those of their businesses. This ethos applies equally whether you’re looking to expand your technology division, or seeking a new challenge yourself.

With a wealth of technology search experience, we know what it takes to be an efficient and effective supplier of world-class technologists. Techfellow never has been, nor ever will be, driven by numbers and volume. We understand your business, your technology stack and your use cases, and we apply that knowledge to connect the highest quality candidates with firms of the highest integrity. That’s what sets us apart: always resolved to do the right thing by everyone, treating you as you deserve and expect.

Our Message

Techfellow started with humble beginnings, but a strong foundation rooted in the passion and values of our co-founders, Paul and Jeff. Both were dissatisfied with how the industry approached finding business and placing people into roles, and they knew they could do better. Roll forward a couple of months and… you guessed it, Techfellow was founded, with the ambition to create a market-leading technology search firm that prioritises quality over quantity.

With their combined skills and market knowledge, Paul (co-founder of Genesis Computer Resources, cultivating skills across development and infrastructure, especially in the application of solutions in financial services) and Jeff (director of unrivalled infrastructure business at Aston Carter for 12 years) have built a team with diverse background and a shared passion for technology. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving technology landscape has boosted our understanding of technological requirements throughout any job search.

Over time, we have expanded our focus to include development, infrastructure and security search. Even as the company evolves further, our commitment to providing elite customer service remains steadfast, and our focus remains fixed on bringing the right people together to deliver life-changing opportunities.

We try to maintain the highest bar for ourselves, our clients and our candidates (placing the top 1-2% of techies across the globe), and we also believe in assessing the needs of all partnerships independently (this is reflected in our submission and candidate care processes). This approach has made us a well-respected and trusted name in the technology industry.

We're excited about what we're building and, looking forward, we hope to sustain our growth, our visibility and our value.

Our Pledges

Our Pledges