40+ Years of Expertise: Connecting You with Top Talent...

At Techfellow, we're dedicated to helping some of the world's most innovative and technology-driven institutions thrive. By partnering with us, our clients gain access to a pool of exceptional and passionate technologists committed to driving their business forward.

Our candidates are among the best in the world, with extensive experience in building next-generation banking platforms, processing data for global stock markets, and securing the most sensitive digital healthcare systems. We understand that technology is not just another cost but a critical driver of success for our clients. That's why we focus on delivering the highest levels of quality and industry knowledge in everything we do.

Whether you need full-time employees or consultancy services, our team works closely and efficiently with you to deliver the best possible results. We are passionate about what we do and are here to help you take your business to the next level. Get in touch with us today to see how we can support your technology requirements.

Looking for a technologist?

We provide technologists for world-class firms, ranging from established global institutions to cutting-edge startups. Our candidates are deeply immersed in technology, participating in meetups, TED talks, and collaborating on community-led and personal projects. Our clients share our mindset: innovative, dynamic, and disruptive.

Our track record...

With our extensive financial markets experience, we have unparalleled access to top talent in this highly specialised sector. Whether you're looking for a deep technical engineering genius, a board-level technology strategist, or an expert in security and risk, our exceptional connections ensure you engage the right candidate for the job.

We excel in a wide range of specialisms, including systems architecture, management and support, site reliability engineering, DevOps, software engineering, and change/transformation management. Beyond talent acquisition, we offer custom recruitment services such as intelligence-driven market mapping, benchmarking, and technical testing to help you make informed decisions.

We pledge to understand your search experience, challenges, and ideals, offering advice, market insights, and sharing our expertise based on your specific needs. We view our business relationship as an alliance, working ‘as one’ for your benefit.

What about contract work?

We understand that business challenges are ever-present, from leadership and operational management to risk strategy and regulation. That's why we offer project-driven, interim consultancy technology specialists who can help solve those problems, either through specific deliverables or margin-only engagements.

To learn more about our adaptable recruitment solutions, please reach out to us through the Contact tab.