How we help hiring managers source the right candidates

Our 20 years of experience gets you the right people

We partner with some of the world’s leading technology-driven institutions, connecting them with exceptional and passionate technologists to increase their competitive advantage.

For our clients, technology is a driver, never a cost; it fuels their businesses and services. Our candidates are the best in the world, from building next-generation banking platforms and processing data for global stock markets to ensuring the most sensitive digital healthcare systems are secure.

We share the same passion for quality as our partners. Our attention to detail and knowledge of the industry are second to none, whether we’re supplying full-time employees or contractors, or acting as a consultancy. Whatever your technology requirements, we work closely and effectively with you to understand and deliver.

Looking for a technologist?

We supply technologists for world-class firms, from established global institutions to innovative, bleeding-edge startups. Our candidates immerse themselves in technology: meetups, TED talks, and collaborating on community-lead projects, as well as personal. Our clients share our mindset: innovative, dynamic, disruptive. If we don’t hold the same views as our clients and candidates, we won’t work with them.

With our enviable technical knowledge, networks and service partners, we provide our clients and candidates with an unmatchable service throughout the hiring process and beyond. We value working in partnership. We pledge to understand your search experience, your struggles and your ideals. We’re there for advice, market insight, and to share our experience given the specific remit. We consider business together an alliance, working ‘as one’ for your benefit.

We have a proven track record in delivering the best technology talent to our clients.

Our exhaustive financial markets experience gives us access to the smart people this sector typically attracts. We leverage our exceptional connections to ensure you engage the right candidate, whatever the specialism: the deep technical engineering genius; the board/C-level technology strategist; security and risk; systems architecture; management and support; site reliability engineering; DevOps; software engineering, and change/transformation management. Alongside our talent acquisition, we offer customised recruitment services such as intelligence-driven market mapping, benchmarking and technical testing.

Providing interim consultancy technology specialists

There are business challenges everywhere - in leadership, operational management, risk strategy, regulation and legislation, among a myriad of others - day to day, year on year. We can help solve those problems by offering project-driven, interim consultancy technology specialists, directly with statements-of-work/deliverables, or indirectly via margin only.

We’re experts in recruitment, down-to-earth, and passionate about what we do. What you’ll find different about us is that we actually do care. We never treat a client or a candidate as a number, and we never will.

Call us directly: Paul on +44 207 993 5100 or Jeff on +44 207 993 5101.