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United Kingdom, London
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Job Description

Our client is one of the world's finest quantitative research firms. They're embarking on a transformation journey and step change in how it delivers infrastructure and associated open source technologies. The business has big plans to invest in a hybrid cloud platform on which to build the next generation of applications, distributed platforms and deliver development efficiencies.

There is a big focus on applying automation, Infrastructure as Code and using CI/CD tools and methodologies in all of their engineering work. They use open source tooling and best practices to increase the pace of delivery.

You will be part of the Automation Team embedded within the IaaS function, helping to mature existing infrastructure automation with a primary emphasis on Infrastructure-as-Code. The team work closely with IaaS Engineering, PaaS, Security and Development teams within the business.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Helping to shape and engineer the correct tooling and automation capabilities to enable consumption of the private cloud platform
  • Assisting development teams to work at pace by providing self-serviceable infrastructure
  • Defining automation standards, frameworks, and reporting
  • Working with Infrastructure as Code principles to enable the company to expand its private cloud capabilities
  • Expanding existing deployment code for private cloud
  • Defining, configuring, and deploying Jenkins pipelines from code using Jenkins DSL
  • Designing and implementing Jenkins pipelines to perform infrastructure automation tasks
  • Enhancing and expanding the Terraform Enterprise platform, and managing the existing codebase:
    • Modular developments of reusable infrastructure components
    • Maintaining and expanding a catalogue of reusable infrastructure services
    • Providing Terraform users with best practises for creating their code
  • Using Ansible for orchestration development, and managing of the existing codebase:
    • Infrastructure tooling to create the glue
    • Defining new workflows to be consumed via self-service
    • Developing and managing Go and Python libraries
  • Autonomous infrastructure testing to enable changes to be pushed from test to live with minimal effort, using linting and testing environments

Technical Skills and Experience Required

  • A passion for delivering infrastructure automation
  • Excellent experience with Terraform
  • An understanding of Unit testing and CI/CD principals
  • Ideally experience using Ansible or similar tooling
  • Experience with scripting or programming languages, Go or Python is preferred, but capability in any high-level languages is acceptable
  • Experience using Github Enterprise or an equivalent VCS for IaC
  • Experience in applying IaC concepts to configuration management and immutable infrastructure
  • A willingness to upskill in new technologies as required
  • Preferably some user knowledge of Kubernetes due to the environment we work in, but this is not essential

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