AWS DevOps Engineer

Europe, United Kingdom, London, United States, New York City, NY, APAC, Tokyo
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Job Description

This exciting digital asset-aaS enables their clients to participate in this emerging space via sophisticated infrastructure and product solutions. They seek an AWS-focused DevOps Engineer to work on in-house technologies; designing, developing, and implementing an efficient CI/CD pipeline; and automating secure deployments for various components in AWS.

You should possess many of the following attributes:

  • AWS Infrastructure design, deployment, change management, and ongoing support based on security best practices throughout their lifecycle
  • AWS organisational structure and change management, including accounts, identities, authorisations, and governance policies
  • Professional experience with most of the following technologies: Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS Services
  • Experience with automating cloud-native technologies (Terraform/Cloud Formation/Ansible), deploying applications, and provisioning infrastructure.
  • Experience developing cloud-native CI/CD workflows and tools, such as Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Code Deploy (AWS), and/or GitLab
  • Hands-on experience with microservices and distributed application architecture, such as containers, Kubernetes, and/or serverless technology
  • Knowledge of IP networking, VPC, VPNs, Security Group, NACL, DNS, load balancing, and firewalls
  • Experience with monitoring and log aggregating frameworks such as Kafka, Logstash, Splunk, ElasticSearch, and Kibana
  • Experience implementing and designing cloud-native security concepts, DevSecOps, or MLOps
  • AWS Certification(s) such as Solutions Architect Pro, DevOps Engineer Pro, SysOps Admin, Developer Associate, AWS Certified Security Specialty
  • Experience with deploying AWS services like VPN, IAM (Active Directory), KMS, Secrets Manager, AWS Config, Security Hub, Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch, Guard Duty, Inspector, Audit Manager

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