Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Europe, United Kingdom, London, United States, New York City, NY
Job ID: 1800

Job Description

One of the world’s premier trading firm’s looking to hire a senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst as part of creating a new specialist team. They require experienced individuals to work with senior leadership and build something from the ground up.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Keep to date with threats, threat actors, and TTPs relevant to the firm’s business areas, including cryptocurrency trading, and to their technology stacks
  • Producing actionable strategic and tactical intelligence for SOC and senior management
  • Collaborating with the SOC to investigate attacks
  • Using an array of OSINT investigation techniques to:
    • Conduct research to understand vulnerabilities from an attacker’s perspective
    • Investigate attacks
    • Develop cyber threat scenarios for exercises and business continuity planning
  • Collaborating with the Cybersecurity Awareness team to produce realistic and relevant security training materials and PSAs for staff
  • Building process, procedure, and tools to drive CTI gathering and investigations

Technical Experience and Qualifications Required:

  • Experience working in cyber threat intelligence, with experience-based opinions on how to structure your work
  • Experience performing open-source research with a variety of tools and resources
  • Strong desire to keep pulling threads when doing investigations
  • Strong analysis and communication skills, including separation of fact from conjecture, and providing confidence levels; ability to effectively communicate verbally or in writing
  • Proven high level of integrity and discretion to handle confidential information
  • Foundational knowledge/experience in fundamental best practices in cyber security
  • Willing to collaborate in a team environment
  • Apply sound judgment in ambiguous situations

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