Desktop Hardware Specialist

United Kingdom, London
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Job Description

This is an opportunity to join a highly-respected, tech-driven hedge fund in a specialist position. Focused on desktop hardware, you’ll help improve and manage the lifecycle of multiple user-facing devices that the IT department provides to users across the business. You’ll play a crucial role in researching, testing, and implementing new technologies to help meet business and user needs.

You will be responsible for a large portfolio of hardware types, including remote working solutions, workstations, monitors, and various desktop peripherals such as microphones, headsets, and other interface technologies. This will include managing the lifecycle of our existing models, finding opportunities for innovation, and ensuring a smooth transition during end of life replacement projects.

Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to analyse and deconstruct technical problems will help you identify the needs of internal end-users and understand the technical details of potential solutions. You will develop, monitor and incorporate continual feedback over long periods, assessing hardware performance from both automatically generated metrics and end-user assessments, which will influence future product selection. These choices will have a meaningful impact on improving the user experience for colleagues across the firm.

You will liaise with vendors to coordinate, assess, and test new technologies and work with others in the IT department to understand how they can be incorporated to improve our environment. You’ll deliver this feedback to department members for review via in-depth evaluations and assessments of similar hardware technologies, along with your recommendations on what will work best for us. Your market knowledge and product insights will add immediate value to the team as we continue to expand our hardware offerings, both in our work from home setup, and as we think about an eventual return to an office environment.

To be successful in this role you’ll bring prior experience from a similar role, where you’ll have gained in-depth knowledge of computer hardware, desktop peripherals, and A/V conferencing equipment. You should be able to assess relative performance between similar hardware options and provide detailed write-ups of your recommendations. Must be able to integrate and troubleshoot driver issues within a Windows Operating System; experience with PowerShell is a bonus. This is a fast-paced environment which requires strong organisational skills and abilities to suitably handle competing priorities.

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