Machine Learning Platform Engineer

Europe, United Kingdom, London, United States, New York City, NY, California
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Job Description

A truly unique opportunity for the very smartest of individuals to build a core platform which enables the internal customers of this investment banking giant to leverage machine learning. These customers must be given the confidence to focus on data science and machine learning models and solutions, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure

Engineering standards must be exceptionally high, with strong ML experience. You will understand exactly how a platform of this nature should perform to best serve ML models. The ability to challenge Chief Scientists is also a crucial skill, to explain why models won’t work or scale in certain situations, for example. Having the most advanced understanding of ML in the room will not be a bad thing!

You would be expected to hit the ground running and work on a platform which ideally would have been built yesterday. At this stage, one of the most pressing projects is to enable large-scale model training for big, fast data processing, offering firmwide, real-time inferencing services. These challenges include everything from training real-time trading models to resource stores, model management to experience tracking – there is great flexibility on the areas to focus on, but always a requirement to be ultra-productive, given wider programme delivery times.

You’ll join a tight-knit, growing team of ML experts and will supplement their strengths. This is a diverse group who truly understand how software and hardware works, so you must be up-to-date on the latest advances in ML - its tools, methods, and libraries etc. You will be a mentor to the wider community and trusted by all customers, able to build software 10x better than they could imagine. Liaising with specific product teams and being able to point out what can be improved means communication skills cannot be understated.

In this role, you will face many big data problems within complex domains, across hundreds of different products which are fully independent. This machine learning platform will be a commoditised solution for disparate customer domains; your work on this bespoke service will ensure their experience is seamless and unrivalled.

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