Machine Learning Products Engineer

United Kingdom, London, United States, New York City, NY, Texas, California
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Job Description

We’re offering an exceptional opportunity to leverage the power of a greenfield machine learning platform, with one of the world’s finest and truly tech-first investment banks. You’ll make up a team of the most talented Machine Learning Engineers there are, and will be primarily concerned with building commercial ML products for a variety of use-cases.

To be successful in this role, you will be a highly-proficient programmer, likely of a quantitative finance background; with strong systems knowledge – understanding how software and hardware play together goes a long way. Your coding abilities will be pushed from day-one, as you’ll be thrust into a crucial price modelling project and expected to make a commit in the first week. In week two, you’ll be speaking directly with the client the product is being developed for.

You’ll find yourself joining a team of incredibly talented engineers, and together will lead pioneering machine learning for financial modelling work. If this is you, your general knowledge of the ML landscape will be next to none, and you will be able to clearly demonstrate your engineering capabilities and prior research. Expertise with time series is absolutely essential; any additional exposure to deep learning models will be highly-beneficial.

As well as the immediate project, there will be ongoing work on financial modelling; recommendation systems for sales and trading based on market signals; and anomaly detection for automated data quality control. This global organisation has long been using internal, bespoke ML tools (not vendor), but they’ve been very fragmented with lots of disparate teams building their own solutions. This team exists to streamline the development of the required, innovative products.

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