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United States, New York City, NY
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Job Description

Our client is a leading investment manager worldwide, who deliver results from a range of solutions across fundamental investing and quantitative investment strategies. They’re seeking a highly experienced Quant Dev to join a crucial team which enables data usage for the entire business.

The successful candidate will partner with several stakeholders, quant researchers, as well as data, technology, and risk teams.

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Role Responsibilities

- Technology team

  • Develop a reliable, scalable, and flexible quantitative data platform.
  • Build data infrastructure solutions and pipelines involving data at various scales.
  • Design and implement a high-performing library of re-usable tools for use in thequantitative research process.
  • Provide development support to individual embedded quant researchers, support specific workflows (SQL, Python, Matlab, Excel/VBA, etc.).

- Data Team

  • Monitor and maintain integrity of data flows (raw and derived) to ensure that researchers get access to timely, clean and validated data on a daily basis.
  • Act as the first point of contact for data-processing related problems.
  • Liaise with the data engineering team to on-board and modify data sources.
  • Implement business logic related to cleaning, validating, and augmenting traditional and alternative data to ensure it is suitable for core research.
  • Develop high-performing and resilient text data and numerical processing algorithms.

- Processes

  • Ensure effective knowledge management within the team, including the sharing of data, key analysis, insights, and re-useable code.
  • Oversee the code review process and ensure proper version control, and use of CI/CD pipeline.
  • Interface with other teams to collaborate on shared libraries.

Technical Experience and Qualifications:

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and quick learning ability.
  • Exceptional process focus and ability to lead by example.
  • A constant focus on quality control, improvements, and adherence to agreed processes and controls.
  • Ability to interact with and influence various stakeholders of different tenure and levels of expertise.
  • Fluency in one compiled language (e.g. C#, C++), one research language (e.g. python, Matlab, R), one database language (e.g. SQL, KDB+/Q).
  • Clear understanding through experience of pros/cons of SQL, NoSQL, column-stores, document-store databases; understanding of interrelation between data types and APIs for transferring data between different platforms.
  • Ability to write code fast without compromising on robustness, readability, maintainability and performance
  • Experience with cloud, container, and microservice infrastructures (e.g., Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, AWS, GCP)

To apply for this role, either contact Paul at paul.redman@techfellow.co.uk, or fill in the form below and he will receive your application.

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