Senior Database Engineer

United Kingdom, London
Job ID: 1411

Job Description

This position is one of the most exciting hedge funds of this age, who are truly driven by innovative technologies. They seek a senior individual with very good development skills – a far higher level than writing a few lines of PowerShell.

Ideal candidates will have built their own frameworks for automation – in any language. Ultimately their code will regularly collect details from the database estate, ingest that into a central database, and use the data for reporting and configuration management. Equally someone who has been key in developer interaction, willing to take on a project to help drive the refactoring of a system as a whole. Will work developers to guide them on how best to use database technologies (or even when not to use them at all). This is an extremely collaborative which requires good communicators who can design and present solutions to others and also help to implement them.

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Requires experience with:

  • Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL development
  • APIs
  • DevOps (automation, Docker, and Kubernetes)
  • Git
  • PowerShell
  • Python, Java, C#

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