Senior DevOps Engineer

United States, New York, Illinois, California, Arizona, Remote
Job ID: TM104

Job Description

Our client enjoys fast-paced business, across the USA. This is a hands-on position, to transform the way they configure, deploy and scale our applications and test environments. Own their continuous integration, deployment automation and release management in a multi-tiered environment.


• Lead DevOps related projects and help drive the solutions and technology

• Mentor junior members of the team

• Identify processes and procedures in the development/build process that can be improved through automation

• Research, implement, and document tools for build/release process automation and monitoring

• Help implement CI/CD in an agile development environment

• Increase the speed and quality of application delivery

• Minimize build, test, and deploy times (increase throughput and parallelization)

• Manage development and test environments and availability

• Design and implement a reliable code-based infrastructure

• Create and manage automated provisioning of the technology stack

• Optimize processes and tools for cloud

• Coordinate with IT Operations on deploying changes


• Configuration Management and IaC (PowerShell DSC, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt)

• CI/CD Toolsets (TeamCity, Octopus, Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI,)

• Proficient with build/deployment/package tools and best practices (MSBuild, Gulp, NPM, JSPM)

• Proficient with configuration transforms

• Experience with automated test usage and gating in a deployment pipeline

• Experience with source control technologies and branching policies (Git, GitFlow)

• Experience with containers and microservice deployment architecture (Docker, ECS, Kubernetes)

• Proficient with scripting languages (Powershell, Bash, Ruby, Python, Javascript)

• Enterprise log and performance monitoring tools (ELK, Cloudwatch, Perfmon, Resourcemon, Graphana, Solarwinds)

• Experience with general Cloud Technology (AWS, Azure, GC, etc.)

• Experience running and deploying cloud-based and virtualized platforms (Cloudformation, OpsWorks, Terraform)

• Highly experienced with Enterprise application and database server management (Windows, Linux, IIS, Apache, MSSQL, MYSQL)

• Strong Understanding of network infrastructure and load balancing

• Experience with automated test runners and parallel distribution suites (NUnit, SpecRun, Selenium Grid, Cypress, nCrunch)

• Agile/Scrum

• Experience working in C# and Windows environments is a plus

• BS/BA Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent

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