Senior Linux Engineer

United Kingdom, London
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Job Description

Our client is one of the world's leading, truly tech-driven investment banks. This team is dedicated to the goal of a single, unified architecture for development and runtime activities across the firm.

The E-Trading team employs a vast network connecting hundreds of machines in various data centers across the globe, with strict latency requirements for applications and the hardware stack they run on.

This role will focus on researching and engineering the next-generation platform for low-latency, resiliency, and the appropriate scale, as well as liaising between application developers within the strats team and the infrastructure engineers who implement and support the plant on a day to day basis.

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Technical Skills and Experience required

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering or any other relevant field
  • Strong communication and analytical/problem-solving skills
  • Linux (any distribution) engineering/system administration
  • Network engineering/administration
  • Securities/trading experience is a plus but not required

Preferred, not essential

  • Configuration/tuning of the host OS and BIOS for optimal low-latency settings. Knowledge of Linux kernel internals and effective use of system call interface. Software package build and installation.
  • Troubleshooting/debugging of basic OS functions and network stack. Experience with a configuration management system, such as CFEngine, Salt, Chef, or Puppet. Perl/Python/Bash scripting to automate sysadmin tasks and perform data analysis.
  • Designing and implementing benchmarks to test performance of computer platforms and OS configuration settings. Good understanding of the latest x86 CPU architectures and the various optimisations they employ, as well as how an application developer might take advantage of them.
  • Some C or C++ programming experience preferred, with a focus on socket/network programming and debugging.
  • Experience with various messaging middleware technologies (RV, LBM, TREP, 0MQ, RabbitMQ, etc.) Experience with systemtap and Linux performance counters.
  • Configuration/tuning of layer 2/3 network devices. Knowledge of networking technologies, topologies, and protocols (TCP/IP, BGP, OSPF & RIP, SNMP, Multicast, VSS, STP, HSRP, switching technologies, DWDM, Carrier Circuits, WAN switching, SAN).
  • Experience in designing, implementing, operating and troubleshooting large IP-based data networks (LAN/WAN).
  • Ability to lead and oversee technical aspects of deploying new network infrastructure or executing platform upgrades/enhancements in an enterprise environment. Designing and implementing benchmarks to test performance of network devices and configuration settings.
  • Experience working with various market data dissemination protocols a strong positive.

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