Senior Security Engineer – Forensics

United States, Chicago, IL, Remote - Time Zone Dependent
Job ID: 1723

Job Description

This technology-driven, diversified principal trading firm seeks a Senior Security Engineer to be responsible for conducting all aspects of a digital forensics related to security incidents, suspected data breaches, and other potential cyber-related incidents.

Much of the role insists of security reviews - for example, if a trader leaves the firm, Legal want to ensure they've not taken any data with them. Their computer would be send t this team so they can use forensic tools to look at all the artefacts. You will help look out for red alerts and anything that requires attention.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Conduct evidence collections in a forensically-sound manner using industry standard hardware and software tools
  • Maintain asset chain-of-custody and practice proper evidence documentation procedures
  • Conduct detailed analysis of the firm’s computers, external media, and mobile devices
  • Forensic hardware/software tool testing and validation
  • Assist with development of internal forensics infrastructure
  • Develop automated solutions to manual forensic processes when possible
  • Assist with training of other security team members in best practices as needed as related to evidence acquisition and/or analyses
  • Apply lessons learned from internal investigations to security monitoring tool rules and infrastructure
  • Assist with security policy development and incident response plan maintenance as needed
  • Assist with alerts generated from security monitoring tools as needed
  • Produce written reports of findings to stakeholders in a clear & concise manner

Technical Experience and Qualifications Required:

  • 5+ years of experience performing forensic acquisition and examinations on Windows, Linux, and macOS environments
  • Experience performing forensic acquisition and examination of mobile devices
  • Experience performing analysis with multiple forensic platforms and tools, such as Magnet Axiom, X-Ways, EnCase, and Cellebrite
  • Experience with memory forensics and analysis using commercial and open source tools
  • Knowledge and experience implementing evidence handling and chain-of-custody procedures
  • Forensic lab management experience, including infrastructure (hardware and software), processes, procedures, and supporting documentation based on industry best practices

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